Hi! I'm Luca!

Traveller, nomad, sort of artist.

Years ago I’ve been fascinated by the magic of the nomadic life: traveling in the world is like traveling in myself. We learn a lot, we put ourselves to the test, we grow up.

This pushed me towards the life I am living, to look for a new way of being in this world: free, outside the conditioning of our society, independent. In the end we have only one life to live!

Home has become every place where I take off my backpack.


I’ve loved Asia from the first time I set foot in it.

I’ve visited several Eastern countries, living and traveling, discovering a little more about “the good” and “the bad”, the points in common and the differences, the limits and the potential of the various cultures and our human race.

Nomadic Perceptions

I’m building this site to start sharing with you what I have experienced lately and my nomadic perceptions of the last years.

Take what you need and share it!


Travel guides and experiences

... in some of the countries I have visited and where I have lived. Check it out!

Probably Malaysia is the country where I spent more time. Friendly and modern, different and important cultures that mix and coexist together.

The first thing I felt entering China is of being in another world, an immense country with an infinite history.

The city / state / island is one of the most modern places here in Asia. A lifestyle between East and West immersed in fascinating architectures.

Definitely not an easy country. I still remember the first time I traveled to India as an amazing absorbing and difficult adventure.

One of the first Asian countries I have visited, to fully appreciate Thailand you will need more than just one visit!

Sri Lanka presents a cultural and scenic richness that has enchanted me, the best curry I have ever tasted is here!

Cambodia is much more than the temples of Angkor, a beautiful country messed up by its history, which is getting back on its feet little by little.

From north to south the country is a marvel of cultural and scenic attractions, Vietnam is an explosion of energy and vitality!

Laos is a serene country, here time seems to flow differently, in a much more relaxed way than the rest of the world.

Nepal for me is an enchanted country, unforgettable Himalayan trekking and beautiful temples dedicated to lord Buddha.

If there is one thing that immediately jumps to my mind thinking of Myanmar is the memory of the kind smiles of the friendly people who live here.

Indonesia is one of those countries that can not be described in a few words, a simple country but with a thousand wonderful facets.

What a pleasant surprise! The first time I traveled in Taiwan I thought I’d stay a couple of weeks … I left the country after 3 months!

A place where I feel at home! I’ve been in Korea for almost a year and every time I’m out of the country I can not wait to go back.

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese Manga and cartoons, how could I not travel in this bewitching country ?!

Some more contents to share:

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