Last updated: November 2018

A trip to Thailand is an experience that will remain in your heart! It is one of the places where I have traveled and lived the most and perhaps I know best.

The country has unique natural and cultural riches, which will fascinate you for their beauty and for their interest.

Some of the activities I suggest you plan during a trip to Thailand:
  • Explore the ancient ruins of the old capitals of the kingdom of Siam and the spectacular national parks.
  • Venture into the jungle on a trek through its lush nature.
  • Relax or take a dip in one of the many paradisiacal islands.
  • Discover the tranquility of the villages in the green rice fields.
  • Explore one of the night markets scattered everywhere.
  • Lose yourself in an endless night between the bars and Bangkok or just take a relaxing Thai massage in the sparkling capital.
  • And do not forget to taste the delicacies of one of the most famous and appreciated cuisines here in Asia!
  • If you can try to plan your visit to Thailand during one of the famous festivals!
  • Take a boat ride on one of the Bangkok’s canals.
  • Rent a motorbike and go around some beautiful northern areas, there are some interesting loops from Chiang Mai!
Some info about Thailand:

Capital of Thailand: Bangkok

Population: 67 million

Official language: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht

Calling Code for Thailand: +66

King: King Rama X

Thailand Visa: Depending on your passport you can get different type of visa for Thailand. Usually the visa is easily obtained upon arrival at the airport or at some borders. It is sufficient to present the passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into the country and a 30-day entry permit will be printed. For longer periods of time you can go to one of the various Thai consulates and apply for a 60-day visa, which can be further extended once you enter the country for another 30 days.
N.B. Always check before leaving that the visa rules have not changed recently!

Phone and Internet: It is easy and cheap to buy a sim card (Truemove is very interesting as a choice), you can use the wifi service in all the hotels and almost in every bar or restaurant. The line is fast and stable almost anywhere in the country.

The main tourist destinations of Thailand:

These are just some of the main destinations in Thailand, take them as an introduction to the country. Thailand is much more than this, little by little I will also talk about the less known but extremely fascinating destinations that the country offers!

The buzzing capital of Thailand: Bangkok, get lost in this immense city that never sleeps! Here you will find everything from super-luxurious hotels to super-budget guesthouses. International restaurants and stalls serving one of the best street food in the world!
Modern skyscrapers with their shopping centers alongside beautiful old Thai-style houses, enchanting temples and altars scattered around every corner of the city.
The royal palace deserves a view, as one of the many fascinating local markets.
Do not miss a boat ride on the Chao Phraya River or along one of the many canals that cross Bangkok!

Discover the culture and spirituality of Thailand in the fascinating capital of Northern Chiang Mai. A city that is rapidly expanding, but retains its old-world charm, especially in the central area.
Lots of temples where you can attend some Buddhist ceremonies or simply relax, many massage centers, famous for being also schools where to learn the art of Thai massage and a unique atmosphere. One of the most popular destinations for digital nomads around the world, thanks to the low cost of living and the good standard of accommodation, the excellent and inexpensive food that is everywhere and the quality of the Internet line.

The golden triangle in the Chiang Rai area. The triangle is formed by 3 nations that meet at the extreme north of the country: at this point Thailand borders with Myanmar and Laos. In addition, the Ruak River meets the Mekong River, in fact the locals call the Sop Ruak area.

The spectacular islands of the south! Some of the most beautiful are on the west coast, in the Andaman Sea, like the area around Krabi or Phuket. Koh Tao or Koh Phangan are also very beautiful.

The historical capitals of Ayutthaia and Sukhothai. They often ask me which one you should visit if you have little time available … quite an impossible answer! :) I would say both, but if you do not have time consider that Ayutthaia is reachable with a journey of about an hour from Bangkok and Sukhothai requires more hours to reach it. Both are fascinating and both deserve a visit, quite different, especially for the state of conservation given the difference in age of construction, represent a destination that I recommend not to be missed on a trip to Thailand for the excitement that can give you walk among these ancient temples and magical ruins.
The national parks, the most famous and tourist are Khao Sok or Khao Yai. In these parts a jungle adventure awaits you with a trek through the spectacular vegetation, visiting waterfalls, caves, lakes, rivers in a flora and fauna totally different from ours! There are accommodations in an authentic tree house, hence the sound of animals that live in the surrounding vegetation is the morning alarm.

Thailand, when to go?

It is possible to visit Thailand practically all year long. The climate is tropical with the exception of some areas of the north, such as in the mountains where it can be cooler than in the rest of the country.

It’s always quite hot, with peaks around March-May.

November / December and January are milder, it is considered high season and arrives until February.

The monsoons go from June to October, with peaks around the middle of September.

As for the sea: the islands of the east coast are good all year round, while on the west coast, in the Andaman Sea, the best time is from November to March, from April to October it rains.

N.B. Lately the weather conditions are changing a lot, so sometimes the seasons are not always as expected!

For more information on when to go to Thailand and for more detailed information on weather conditions month by month and based on geographical areas, take a look at my article:

Best time to go to Thailand, when to go and climate!



Thai Food
Thai cuisine is one of the most appreciated and well-known in Asia, probably all over the world too. The tastes are intense but at the same time delicate, an explosion of different flavors that will make you want to taste the local delicacies several times.

Festivals in Thailand

Thailand, like many other Asian countries, has lots of colorful and animated festivals and celebrations held throughout the year.

Find out in my article month by month when going to celebrate around there!

Thailand festivals and events!