-You are the worst decision that I can ever make – he said – but I love you

Sometimes souls stick to each other without even having a warning or a second of uncertainty.  As if in another dimension there were clashes and invisible encounters that concealed what will happen.  Thinking that there is no real meaning, the reason is completely wiped out, everything is slightly and imprudently abandoned to what happens.

 A walk along a large stream.  The winter landscape is like a Chinese painting, the mountains in the distance can be seen veiled by a blanket of clouds, while the ginkgo leaves fell during the past autumn cover the narrow road that runs along the river, contrasting brightly the blue misty of the rest of what the eye goes to meet.  Two herons come to rest not far from me.

 At the confluence of two rivers I see a couple of souls enjoying the shared time together.  Long coats with dark colors protect them from the cold of the season. Perceiving each other’s presence they smile at each other as they continue their walk.

 One of them bends down to pick up a leaf and then lets it fall into the water, they look at each other one last time and going in two different directions they disappear, fading into the haze as if they were two illusory figures.  The river continues its course and reaches the mouth, where the sea enters its waters and where it divides again, forever, into innumerable branches.

 It’s difficult to carry a burden with the size of a person, it just doesn’t fit in, there is no space.

 Details of memories remain as if they were treasures made of fire, one hesitates to call them to mind, as if one were afraid to go and look at them again, even though they are so beautiful.

 Images, sounds, shared perceptions and smells remain, like your skin that has always smelled like home.

 I still see you in my thoughts.  And everything is so real.

 Two lifes that divide, like a river at the mouth that flows into the infinite preordination of the existence, fading away.

 The heron catches a fish, then flies away.

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